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Free Tools For You to Use

Scroll Down for Free Tools Below for you to use:

1) Keyword Rank Checker – used to check your current ranks for a specific keyword

2) Mobile-Friendly Site Checker – use to see if your site is compliant with Google’s new algorithm

3) SEO Audit – Used to check exactly what you need to do to fix your website’s SEO

4) Citation checker – Used to check where and how your business is listed online and where errors are

5) Keyword Density Checker  – to check if how well youre doing optimizing for a specific keyword(s) on a specific page

6) Page Speed Checker – Used to check how fast your page loads and to warn you of any problems

7) Generate Local Adwords & Keyword lists – helps you build local-geo modified keyword lists that you can copy and paste into your ad groups in adwords.

8) Tims Google Adword Ad Formatter tool – to help you build new, relevant ads for specific adgroups that you can copy and paste into your ad text(s) in adwords.

9) Plagiarism Checker – see if your content exists already around the web

10) Tim’s website grader (customer language) – “Does Your Website Speak to the Customer?”, this test evaluates it.

Type in a keyword to run a real time keyword rank check on your website:

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