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“So Where Do I Start?”

What are you trying to achieve with your Website Marketing?

What we do first is to completely examine your business & dissect your target market, we want to know “Who Pays The Bills and How Do We Get To Know Them In Order To Make Them Happy!”

We want to look at some of the following questions: (this is just a sampling, not the full list of questions we ask)

  • Who is your target market?”
  • How old are they?
  • How much money do they make?
  • Where do they live and shop and spend their money?
  • What factors are important to them?
  • What life events may they be going through that would cause them to shop for a company like yours?
  • What factors are important for them to see and be educated about?
  • What is the competition doing successfully and not successfully for us to factor into our marketing strategy for you?

We’ll take a look at what we like to call…

Customer Purchase Funnel


Step 2: We Do Your Keyword Research Analysis

How Do “they” Search To Find You

Let’s Begin…


Step 1: Who is your target market?

Who Are You Trying To Sell To?

Step 2: We Do Your Keyword Research Analysis

How Do “they” Search To Find You

Step 3: Comprehensive SEO Review

You Can’t Know Where To Go If You Don’t Know Where You’re At

Step 4: Keyword Assignment

our SEO Experts will assign strategy to your keywords and assign them to specific pages on your website.

Step 5: On-Site SEO Page(s) Optimization

We implement all relevant Schema’s (, Micro Card Rich Snippet Data, H1’s, H2’s etc.,Meta Titles, Permalink Structures etc

Step 6: On-Site SEO Content

We optimize content for SEO as well as design SEO content. We write sales content for the customer’s specific branding, not just keyword centric topics.

Step 7: On-Site Internal Linking Structure Optimization

We implement the best internal permalink structure in order to give the customer the best user experience, which is an SEO best practice.

Step 8: Social Signals for SEO

We implement and/or fix social media signals as a critical SEO strategy today

Step 9: Advanced SEO Backlinking

We build relevant, credible natural links, social links to boost your rankings.

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