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We Become Your Marketing Director - Oversee all of your marketing efforts

Marketing Consultant                         Price: Negotiable per your needs

What is this?  If you have vendors, but you just want us to oversee all of your efforts, we will manage that great responsibility.

To include all of the following management tasks or relationships that you may have or need plus any additional needs that you may not be aware that you need:

  • Overall Internet Marketing Strategy

  • Overall Print Marketing Strategy

  • Expert Yellow Page, Internet Yellow Page Negotiation and Consultation

  • Overall Social Media (SMM/SMO) Marketing & Optimization Strategy

  • Overall Video Marketing, branding & VSEO ( Video Search Engine Optimization) strategy

  • Overall Email Marketing (EMM) strategy

  • Overall Branding design & strategy

  • Print Marketing design, creation, consultation

  • Internet design, creation, consultation

  • Coupon design, creation, consultation

  • Website design, creation, strategy & consultation On-going

  • Website ongoing changes

  • Vendor negotiation to get Lowest Price & to Insure Quality delivered!

  • Vendor evaluation, tracking & reporting

  • Overall Website Tracking & Reporting:  (“CHECK THE CHECKER” STRATEGY)

—Traffic of site (weekly)

—Keyword ranking (bi weekly)

—Keyword research analysis, relevancy to profit centers

—Call tracking & reporting


  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Management  (PHONE CALLS STRATEGY)

—Setup of Google Adwords & ongoing Adwords management

—Ad creation & design & AB testing ongoing of multiple Ads & Multiple Landing Pages

—Keyword stripping, modification, additions & deletions

—Implementation and management of Google’s Remarketing Campaign

—Implementation and management of Google’s Display Network

—Implementation and management of Google’s conversion program

—Implementation  and management of Google’s Mobile Adwords Conversion Tracking (so you only have to bid on keywords that produces a phone call from mobile devices)

—PPC tracking & reporting

—PPC call tracking

  • Google Maps/Local Search  ( PHONE CALLS STRATEGY)

—Strategy, design, creation & implementation

—Unlimited addresses

—Optimization of listings

—Reporting  tracking of traffic of each listing

—Google Maps plus 111 Additional top sites in US


—Design, implementation of videos

  • SEO Overseeing of Vendor (PHONE CALLS STRATEGY)

—Monitoring SEO vendor so as to get quality results

—Monitoring of keyword ranking

—Monitoring of Linking strategy

—Monitoring of Content, guiding of strategy

—Monitoring of overall SEO traffic to site

—Monitoring of Calls produced by SEO to ensure maximum ROI


—Strategy overall

—Creation of social media sites

—Tracking of traffic/followers

  • Article/landing page Writing Overseeing & Creation (CONTENT STRATEGY)

—Google approved article creation

—Article strategy for website

—Article implementation on website

  • Onsite Blog Writing Overseeing & Creation (CONTENT STRATEGY)

—Google approved blog creation

—OnSite Blog strategy for website

—Blog implementation on website

  • Offsite Blog Writing, Creation & Overseeing (LINKING STRATEGY)

—Setup, creation of up to 5 offsite blog(s),( ie: googleblog.blogspot.)

—Creation of a blog post on each blog

—Inclusion of a link to url in post from anonymous source

  • Email Marketing strategy Creation, Overseeing & Implementation (MARKETING TO EXISTING CLIENT BASE)

—AKA “ Pot of Gold” strategy. Defined as goal to market to all of the people who “know your name” or you have done business with.

—Creation of new or monitoring of existing CMS (Customer Management System) in which to house/import all of customer’s information.

—Creation, design of strategy on how to best communicate with current, former clients


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