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  • Rule #1 in Internet Advertising If prospects & potential customers don’t know about you – You cannot be a viable option in their purchase decision. Simply stated- Prospects must know about you before they make their purchase decision.
  • Rule #2 in Internet Marketing You are not the customer’s only option so you need to stand out versus your competition. Just because you offer a product or service that they want, does not mean that you are the only source that offers what they want.
  • Rule #3 in Internet Advertising You need to speak to the customer on their level about what matters to them- WIFM: “What’s In It For Me” is what the customer wants. Tap into that…and you’re a winner!
  • Rule #4 in Internet Advertising  You can only take one step at a time in the customer’s buying process- If you try to go too far, too fast, you will most times lose them. Be patient, ask questions.
  • Rule #5 in Internet Marketing To maintain your customer long term, you need to surpass your customer’s expectations. Simply meeting their initial expectations is not good enough, you need to go beyond. Ask “Is there anything else that you need or have been thinking about, Mr. Customer?”